Tuesday, 27 October 2020

INTEX LED TV Service Menu Code


INTEX LED TV Service Menu:

INTEX brand is an Indian brand but they are all parts import to china. So you can count as a china brand. This brand used several service menu codes on basis of the motherboard. friends, I will share all Intex service menu codes below.

Intex service menu code model basis:

  • MENU 1147     -   LED TV-2200FHD, LED TV-2202FHD, LED TV-2400HD, LED TV-2800HD, LED TV-3107,LED TV-3207, LED TV-3199, LED TV-3210, LED TV-3900FHD, LED-2011, LED-2111,LED-2810, LED-4001
  • MENU 8202   - LED-5010FHD, LED-4300FHD, LED 5000FHD, LED-4010FHD,LED-2412, LED TV-4200FHD, LED TV-4000FHD, LED TV-3110
  • MENU 8896   - LED-1601ME13, LED-1602N,LED-1602, LED-1902
  • SOURCE/INPUT 2580   - LED-1600,LED-3108,LE19HD08,LE31HD08,LED-40FHD10,LED-3105T
  • SOURCE 6964    - LED-2203FHD, LED-2110, LED-2110HD,LED-1611-VT13

So find your desire mode and try. If you do not find your Intex led tv model you can try these five codes one by one.



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